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Because creative thinking = new opportunities in everyone's business.

Join the creative business network with CCI, offering you opportunities to access Creative People Innovative Value tailored specifically for your business.
Whether it's your first experimental venture or joining the creative business network for long-term benefits.

ร่วมเป็นเครือข่ายกับ KiTHAI

Comprehensive academic services for creative businesses at CCI.

Hackathon Program

Suitable for entrepreneurs who are looking for innovative prototypes that can be further developed or commercially exploited in the future.

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Reward Program

Suitable for entrepreneurs who are partnering with a university for the first time, in the form of providing scholarships to support student projects or fulfill specific project needs, in collaboration with KiTHAI.

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Internship/Cooperative Education Program

Companies can apply to participate in the program to receive interns or cooperative education students, and collaborate in the student selection process with the college to ensure that students meet the specific needs of the business.

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KiThai Community

The Creative Industry Center of Thailand was established based on the fundamental idea of integrating academic knowledge, research and development, along with the fusion of arts, science, design, and business knowledge. Its purpose is to strengthen and empower Thai entrepreneurs to venture into the global creative business, collectively advancing Thailand's creative industry to a higher level.

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International experiences & activities

Partnerships with international networks to establish an opportunity network for students, offering the chance to collaborate with creative industry entrepreneurs from abroad.

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Workshops & Trainings

Academic services, including lectures and various workshops, provided by the college for entrepreneurs interested in the transformative changes within the creative industry.

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"As an entrepreneur, the creative ideas of students can be incorporated to enhance our business."

Founder and CEO of Suparno Jewelry

The vision of CCI goes beyond emphasizing the importance of personnel within the university in all aspects, starting from the students themselves. The university provides opportunities to foster creativity and produce tangible outcomes in the real industry. We also have a space open for entrepreneurs and brand owners to explore opportunities for expanding their businesses through hands-on experiments with new-generation creators who have been trained by experts until they can perform professionally. This serves as an excellent starting point for enhancing creativity for entrepreneurs of all sizes who are seeking sustainable growth from new perspectives

Kreative Industry
of Thailand (KiTHAI)

The College of Creative Industries is established on the basis of the Triple Helix theory, where the college acts as the driving force to create networks, collaborate with the business sector, and connect with the government, all within the framework of a knowledge society, in order to elevate economic standards sustainably.

Our latest collaborative projects and activities.

The collaboration with the Queen Sirikit Department of Sericulture” (QSDS)

Another work by a graduate student from the Master of Architecture program, specializing in Design Innovation, at the College of Creative Industry, Srinakharinwirot University.

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10 Smart Jewelry Brands by Born Strong

It has been over three months since the Brand and Business Sustainable Competition Program in 2020, or Born Strong, provided training on building foundations and knowledge about brand creation, image adjustment, and marketing to selected entrepreneurs and designers. Here are the outcomes: the 10 brands that have undergone training under the Born Strong program.

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Reward Program with Aurora

College of Creative Industry, in collaboration with Aurora Design, invites students to participate in a jewelry design competition under the theme 'Timeless Elegance

✨Compete for prizes worth more than 50,000 Baht and earn the opportunity to collaborate with the Aurora brand

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New type of Jeans into Haute-Couture Styles, research with Mc Group

Sustainability is not an option in design, but a necessity for everyone in how they lead their lives.
MC GROUP PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Mc JEANS ,collaborating with the first year students of Master of Fine and Applied Arts in Fashion Design Innovation of College of Creative Industry.

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Embarking on a journey to create a creative business together with you.

It is already the fourth year that KiTHAI remain dedicated to advancing our international collaboration in the creative industry on a broader scale. Entrepreneurs and business owners can follow us to receive various updates and news.

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