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Enhance the value of creative products
through innovation and research

Driving community development through Thai identity and research for sustainable development

From the collaborative efforts of the research team and the community, blending local wisdom and research, we have been able to integrate Thai identity into products and creative innovations. This has led to the emergence of a community of learning, promoting the creation of livelihoods and income for the community. This is in response to sustainable economic development.

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The research process to enhance the value of products

Skill Development
Tool Development
Innovation Development

Latest News and Research

College of Creative Industry opens for scholarship applications for the fiscal year 2567

College of Creative Industry, Srinakharinwirot University, has established and opened applications for scholarships from the revenue budget for the fiscal year 2567. There are a total of 5 scholarships available:

  1. Enhancing Managerial Competency Scholarship
  2. Development of Research Prototypes or Creative Projects Scholarship
  3. Supporting New Generation Researchers Scholarship
  4. Promoting Mid-Level Researchers Scholarship
  5. Promoting High-Potential Research Groups Scholarship

Please read additional scholarship details and download the application form at the following link.

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